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System suitable for domestic application!

  • 5kVA Multiplus II Inverter/charger
  • 2 x 6.4kWh BSL Li-ion battery
  • 4kW peak Solar Array – 12 x 345Watt Canadian Solar Panels
  • Solar Cable made in Germany
  • Roof mounting kit for tiled roof (hardware requirement can vary in design and cost)
  • Swiss Solar connectors

This system will be able to produce 20kW hours mean average throughout the year with higher yields above 21kW hours in the summer months.

Typical load list that the system will cater for per day, as per below:

2 x 320lt Fridge freezer

1 x Washing machine

1 x Vacuum cleaner

1 x Microwave 1800Watt

1 x 1.7lt Kettle

2 x 42”LED TV used 4 hours daily

2 x DSTV Decoder or Smart TV Box

1 x Light circuits (most lights are LED’s these days which can be easily managed when running on battery power)

1 x Gate motor circuit – Centurion D series – Gate motors do not high peak power unless the motor is AC driven like a HANSA swing arm motor.

1 x Garage door motor circuit – Same applies here as with gate motors

1 x Fiber + Wi-Fi router

The 5kVA Inverter can handle a maximum of two heavy loads at any given time, for example kettle and microwave, or washing machine and vacuum cleaner. The idea is to power manage appliance usage so as to avoid having to have to go for an 8kVA or bigger inverter

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